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Vaping and Electronic Cigarette insurance


Anthony Jones are one of the leading brokers in the specialist area of electronic cigarette insurance. We have built up a wealth of experience across all aspects of the rapidly evolving vaping sector and are the approved broker to the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA). If you recognise yourself in one of the following areas then you should be very conscious of the issues in arranging e-cigarette insurance cover and the potential risks of future regulatory and liability litigation action.

  • Retailers utilising shop premises sourcing e-liquids and accessories from mainly outside the UK, predominantly China.
  • Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of e-liquids manufactured in the UK
  • Distributors and retailers of e-liquids manufactured in the UK; accessories, hardware, chargers, batteries imported predominantly from China
  • Distributors and retailers via internet sales of e-liquids, accessories, hardware, batteries and chargers manufactured outside the UK, predominantly China.

Product liability is the main area of focus for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers as all can be held responsible for injuries or damage to property caused by products. The risk of contaminants in e-cigarettes and vaping devices is not yet fully evaluated, leaving much debate around inhalation, ingestion and skin absorption exposures. 

Add to this, the increasing attractiveness of vaping and electronic cigarette stock to thieves and the increasing risk of cyber crime and this is a sector needing specialist advice in its insurance needs.

Manufacturers, marketers and retailers of  vapor cigarettes and liquid nicotine cartridges are potential targets for future regulatory and liability litigation actions.

Anthony Jones are able to offer solutions to the vaping sector for:

  • Manufacturing risks
  • E-cigarette wholesalers and distributors
  • Internet sales
  • Cyber liability
  • Retailers shop keepers package including products liability
  • Property damage and loss of income/business interruption
  • Directors & officers liability

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“Very thorough and comprehensive. Product specific and a well priced premium (lower this year). Don't be fooled in to thinking that tobacconist cover covers electronic cigarettes and associated liquids. They don't (this is the cover I had in a previous year).”

Rojean Williams,