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    Refer a friend

    Happy with Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers?

    Introduce your friends and family to us and receive a £30 Amazon voucher when they take out a policy*

    How does it work?

    You are just 2 simple steps away from your £30 Amazon voucher.

    Step 1:  Tell your friends and family to get in touch with us for a quote and mention you

    Step 2:  If they are happy with their quote and take out insurance* with us, we will send you a £30 Amazon voucher via email or in the post

    And that’s it. It really is that easy. No lengthy process, no complicated hoops to jump through.

    More than one friend?

    The more people you introduce to us, the more vouchers you can earn. Just make sure that each new person tells us you have referred them and, provided they take out an insurance policy* through us, we will send you a £30 Amazon voucher for each referral.

    Most insurance policies qualify for the referral voucher. We only exclude Vehicle Breakdown, GAP and Legal Expenses policies.

    *T&Cs apply

    Terms and Conditions

    There are a few terms and conditions attached to this offer. They are:

    • This offer is open to everyone over the age of 17 in the UK.
    • Your friend must tell us they have been referred by you and give us your name. Otherwise we won’t know that we owe you a voucher.
    • They must take out a qualifying insurance policy with us. All insurance policies qualify for a voucher, except: Motor Breakdown insurance; Legal Expenses and GAP insurance.
    • Only the first insurance policy your friend takes out with us will qualify for a voucher. No voucher will be given for subsequent policies they take out with us.
    • We will only give you a voucher for the first year of their policy. Renewing policies do not qualify for a second voucher.
    • The qualifying policy must be in force for a minimum of one month.
    • We will give you a voucher within 2 months of the inception date of the policy.
    • This offer is only available for policies taken out before 31 August 2022.
    • Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers reserves the right to withdraw, modify or terminate this offer in whole or in part in the event that it is necessary to do so.
    • The terms and conditions of this offer do not alter or vary the terms and conditions of any insurance policy which may be purchased via us.
    • Applications for insurance policies provided through Anthony Jones Insurance Broker are subject to the normal terms and conditions including the underwriting criteria. Our insurer partners reserve the right to decline any application for any insurance policy at their absolute discretion and they are not obliged to disclose any reason for rejection. In these cases, the customer will not be eligible to receive the voucher.
    • Any fraudulent activity or abuse relating to the receipt and use of the voucher may result in the forfeiture of the voucher and termination of the insurance policy.
    • Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers is not liable for any vouchers that are lost, stolen or unused unless these are caused by Anthony Jones’s negligence.
    • These terms and conditions are to be governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
    • Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers undertake the administration of the referral programme.




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