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Fruit and vegetable wholesalers insurance

Specialist insurance cover for fruit and vegetable wholesalers

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Just as you can’t compare apples with pears, you can’t treat all businesses the same.

The insurance needs for fruit and vegetable wholesalers are different to those of other types of business and require cover tailored to the specific risks they face.


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Why choose Anthony Jones?

Trusting an insurance broker to arrange the right cover for your insurance needs makes sense. Even more so when you consider the current business environment, which is increasingly exposed to physical, cyber and legal pressures.

Our experience and customer testimonials in the sector have led us to partner with a leading insurer to meet the needs of the wholesale fruit and vegetable sector.

With offices in Bromley, we are ideally located to help fruit and vegetable wholesalers from Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex, London and all of the South East, although we deal with customers across the whole of the UK.

Call our experienced team of insurance experts to discuss your own requirements and we’ll make sure that we put the right cover in place at the most competitive price available.

Call Tom Cowap or a member of the team on 0208 290 9080 if you would like to discuss insurance for your own fruit and vegetable wholesalers. Alternatively, you can email us at

“Every business needs to have the correct insurance cover on all aspects of their business, this is time consuming and can soon become a headache. Since working with Anthony Jones the headaches have gone and it's the good honest support from them that has ensured they have kept our business for over 15 years now.”

James Dew, MD, Harwoods of London Ltd