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Fleet Management


Our capability in the motor fleet market is highly regarded by our customers and the insurers we trust to protect businesses. Our presence and status in the market has never been more important, given the multitude of legislative, financial and social factors impacting vehicle operator costs.

Cost factors

Insurance premiums are rising, rapidly for those customers unfortunate to have suffered claims or with insurers less experienced in providing sustainable risk transfer over longer periods. There are a number of reasons:

  • Claims frequency is increasing off the back of claims management companies
  • Severity of personal injury costs
  • Claims cost inflation for third party property damage and own damage – increased technology in vehicles and the exchange rate having an impact on parts and labour costs
  • Claims culture, particularly around whiplash and credit hire

Help with managing risk and meeting legal obligations

At Anthony Jones we can help you meet your legal obligations. Irrespective of the size of your fleet, we can work with you to look at the practices and procedures within your organisation to understand and manage risk. We look at it both in terms of the exposure to your organisation from a regulatory perspective and the real risk of imprisonment for both your driver involved in a fatal road traffic collision, as well as others within your organisation. To protect your driver’s interests and your organisation you must ensure legal representation is available immediately. We are partnered with DAC Beachcroft Motor Prosecutions team to make sure this happens. The team has a formidable reputation defending the most serious motoring offences both with criminal prosecutions and the appropriate advice around the inevitable civil claim and insurance considerations.

Early claims notification

As premium pressures continue to build quickly alongside Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), motor fleet customers must remain focused on early notification of a collision. Timeliness and quality of that notification plays a critical part on how effectively the claim can be managed. Our experience at Anthony Jones has led us to introduce a simple solution that will enable you to report accidents to us simply and quickly.

Make a claim

Anthony Jones – the right fleet insurance partner for your business

Premium reductions or at least stability in charges are increasingly difficult to obtain even where the claims experience and attitudes to risk management are favourable. Gone are the days when insurance brokers found insurers climbing over themselves to underwrite motor fleets regardless of the quality of the risk or the broker. Never has it been more critical to choose an experienced broker, such as Anthony Jones.

Please call Steve Blackmore or the team on 020 8290 9099 to see how we can help you with your motor fleet insurance. Alternatively, you can email us at

“I first dealt with Steve at Anthony Jones when I started up as a new venture in haulage, operating two vehicles. Fifteen years later, I now operate a fleet of 50 vehicles and have been with Anthony Jones the whole time. Steve and his team provide a first class brokering service with attention to detail both on claims and price, and always go above and beyond, allowing me to focus on my business day in day out.”

Mark Priestley, MD, Mark Priestley SDT Ltd