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Harwoods of London

Established in 1989, Harwoods of London is a family-run fruit and vegetable wholesalers. Today, Harwoods is a medium-sized business with 28 employees, including 5 members of the Dew family – Jim Dew, the MD, his wife and 3 sons. Based in New Covent Garden Market, they also have a sister business, Harwoods of Kent, which acts as a conduit between themselves and their suppliers, predominantly local growers in Kent.

Their customers are mainly high-end hotels and restaurants in and around London and Kent. The business has grown organically, largely because of their focus on attention to detail and customer service; they don’t advertise and don’t have salespeople, instead relying purely on word of mouth referrals.

Harwoods run a fleet of commercial vehicles and vans which are used to pick up produce from growers across Kent, as well as making customer deliveries.

Anthony Jones have been looking after Harwoods’ insurance requirements for 20 years or more. The fleet insurance and business insurance are managed separately and renew at different times, helping to split the cost for Harwoods. They are in regular contact and Harwoods have always welcomed the advice from the Anthony Jones team, who know the business well and go beyond what might normally be expected of an insurer.  Jim places a lot of trust in Anthony Jones and feels they have a similar business ethos. The service he receives from the team is comparable to the service he provides to his own customers.

“Every business needs to have the correct insurance cover on all aspects of their business, this is time consuming and can soon become a headache. Since working with Anthony Jones the headaches have gone and it's the good honest support from them that has ensured they have kept our business for over 15 years now.”

James Dew, MD, Harwoods of London Ltd